While a good dentist can treat the symptoms and causes of pain and discomfort, whether it be infection, crowding, or damage to a tooth, a great dentist educates his patients to better care for their teeth and carefully monitors his patients’ oral health over their lifetime. Dr. Paul Nations and the highly trained staff at Cedar Bluff Dental Center work together to diagnose, educate, and treat our patients, so they can keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Our practice welcomes individuals and family members of all ages. Our comfortable waiting and reception area is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere for patients, and our treatment rooms are clean, professional, and offer amenities like pillows, blankets, DVDs, and headphones to create a comfortable patient experience. We also can provide nitrous oxide to help increase patient comfort.

The practice of dentistry has made tremendous advances over the years and continues to enjoy the advantages of new techniques and technology. Dr. Nations extensive dental training is based on years of education with a focus on evidence-based treatment. Additionally, Dr. Nations and the staff at Cedar Bluff Dental Center regularly participate in current training updates to ensure they are providing the most advanced treatment available.

Whether its whitening teeth that have lost their natural shade over time or improving the bite and alignment of one’s teeth, it’s never too late to consider the impact a healthy looking smile can have. Cosmetic dentistry, while often addressing some basic health issues like tooth wear and bone health, also can dramatically improve one’s appearance, increase confidence, and possibly even improve one’s feeling of happiness.

Cedar Bluff Dental Center offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to help patients achieve not only healthy teeth for a lifetime, but teeth that look and feel great!

General Dentistry Services Include:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Include:

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